About Horticultural Help


Horticultural Help was established in 1989 to serve the indoor plant care needs of small businesses and residents in NYC. By remaining small, Horticultural Help maintains the highest indoor plant service standards while keeping costs low and affordable for small businesses.

Residential “Plant Doctor” house-calls are a unique service offered by Horticultural Help to residents of Manhattan. Indoor plant expert, Will Creed, has solved the plant problems of hundreds of houseplant owners in NYC.

Horticultural Help owner, Will Creed, has 30 years of professional experience caring for indoor plants in NYC businesses and homes. He is a hands-on plant care expert who performs all services himself. Horticultural Help guarantees the highest quality, most experienced, reliable  and personal indoor plant services available in NYC.


Services Provided by Horticultural Help

• Home and office plant consultations in Manhattan

• Complete plant maintenance program for small businesses in Manhattan

• “Plant Doctor” house-calls for Manhattan residents

• Assistance in selecting and purchasing appropriate indoor plants

• Diagnosis and treatment of plant disease and pests

• Repotting, pruning and fertilizing when appropriate



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