Green Tips

Green Tips: Plant care tips you won’t get elsewhere

• Don’t bother with fertilizing and misting
• Don’t repot
• Water only when a plant needs water, not according to a pre-determined calendar schedule
• Pay attention to light. Make sure the available light matches the light requirements of each individual plant species
• Don’t overestimate the available light in your home

  • More than 8-feet from the nearest window is too far away
  • If you cannot read comfortably in the light, you don’t have enough for even low light plants.
  • Incandescent lights don’t help

• Remove all loose soil from the soil surface
• If your tap water is hard, use filtered or distilled for your plants
• If the pot is ugly, then double-pot instead of replacing the pot
• Prune regularly. Pruning does not harm the plant
• You do not need toxic pesticides to successfully treat plant pests
• Moving plants outside in warm weather is not usually a good idea
• Moisture meters don’t work
• Self-watering pots often cause root rot

If these tips surprise you, then request the Indoor Plant Bulletins that deal with each of these topics

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