Indoor Plant Bulletins

Indoor plant expert, Will Creed, has written over 50 Indoor Plant Bulletins covering a wide range of indoor plant care topics. Each Bulletin is 3-5 pages long and covers a specific topic. Some topics are on plant care techniques such as treating pest problems, repotting and fertilizing. Other Bulletins are devoted to specific plant species, such as Ficus trees, Philodendron and Palms.

The Bulletins are written clearly for the lay person. The information in the Bulletins is a direct result of Will Creed’s having answered over 10,000 plant questions over the past 12 years. Better than anyone, Will understands the most common problems, questions and misunderstandings people have about indoor plant care. The information found in these Bulletins cannot be found anywhere else – online, in books or from your neighbor.

Eventually these Bulletins will be published as a book. For now, up to three Bulletins are available for free via email, although donations are appreciated. For more than three Bulletins, a small donation is requested.

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