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Horticultural Help provides professional information on the care of indoor plants, in most cases without charge. Much of this information is not available in books or elsewhere online. It is written in plain English.

Horticultural professional Will Creed has answered thousands of indoor plant questions via phone and email. For the past 15 years, Will has provided detailed answers to over 6,700 indoor plant questions posted on, where he has a ratings average of 9.95 out of 10. To read Will’s answers to the posted questions, go to:

On this page you will find general information.

For more specific information, here is a link to my Indoor Plant Bulletins index. These Bulletins cover over 60 specific topics.

If you want complete information on indoor plant care, my book Don’t Repot That Plant! And Other Indoor Plant Care Mistakes is available at bookstores everywhere. This is an up-to-date book on indoor plant care that moves beyond the conventional wisdom and corrects the many misconceptions found elsewhere. Much of the information found in this reference manual cannot be found elsewhere.

If you have a very specific personal plant problem, you can submit your question along with a clear photo that shows your entire plant, including its pot, to:

In all of these resources, you will find professional indoor plant care information not found elsewhere. It is based on 30 years of professional hands-on experience caring for indoor plants in office and residences. These are environments similar to your home and office. Other sources of indoor plant care information rely on experience in controlled environments such as greenhouses, nurseries and tropical rainforests. Searches online will yield non-professional information that is anecdotal and rarely founded on fact.

The information provided here provides not just an answer, but a deeper explanation behind that answer. What you read here may surprise you and conflict with what you have heard and read elsewhere. But I think you will find that it also answers many of your questions and will make sense to you.

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