Residential Plant Services

Residential Plant Care

Residential Plant Care

Need a Plant Doctor?

• Are you concerned that your houseplants are not doing as well as they should? • Have your plants begun to deteriorate and you don’t know why? • Would you like to add plants to your home environment, but you don’t know which plants to select? • Do you have a plant pest problem that needs treatment? • Do you have a plant that needs repotting, but you are unsure how to go about it? • Are you looking for someone to “plant-sit” while you are away? • Does your schedule make it impossible for you to provide proper care for your plants? • Do you wish you could find a “plant doctor” who makes housecalls?

Horticultural Help‘s Will Creed is available to help you if you live in Manhattan or parts of Queens. He can diagnose and treat all plant problems and assist you with all of your houseplant questions and needs at reasonable rates.

It all starts with a free telephone evaluation at 917-887-8601 (9 AM to 9PM, seven days a week). Plant expert, Will Creed, will consult with you about your needs. In the majority of cases, he can give you the information you need to solve the problem – on the phone and without charge.

If an on-site service visit is warranted, you will receive a price quote in advance. Service visits are arranged at mutually convenient times. Full service, weekly plant care visits can also be arranged.

Remember: There is no obligation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.   Call 917-887-8601.

Residential references are available on request.



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