Residential Plant Services

Residential Plant Care

Residential Plant Care

Need a Plant Doctor?

Horticultural Help offers a unique “Plant Doctor” service. Owner, Will Creed, will assist you with any and all of your house plant concerns. Will has over 35 years of professional experience and is NYC’s foremost diagnostician of indoor plant problems. He has visited hundreds of homes in Manhattan. More often than not, he can diagnose your plant problem and recommend a solution without charge via phone, text or email. If not, a home visit can be arranged at an affordable fee.

Complete weekly maintenance of your residential plants is also available.

Call or text the “Plant Doctor” at 917-887-8601 (9 AM-9PM, 7 days) or send an email to: All inquiries are answered promptly by Will Creed.

Home visits are offered only in Manhattan. However, specific indoor plant care questions will receive a reply, regardless of location.

Remember: There is no obligation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.   Call 917-887-8601.

Residential references are available on request.



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