Dracaena Marginata

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Please help me if you can I have a Dracaena marginata house plant. I bought it about 3 months ago from a supermarket to go into my conservatory. It was growing well until a few days ago and now all of a sudden the leaves are falling off in there droves. It is still in the same 8-in pot I bought it in, the leaves look healthy what is the problem or am I doing something wrong? I’ve only watered it sparingly


Sudden leaf drop by a Dracaena marginata can be caused by improper watering, exposure to cold or inadequate light.

Marginatas must be positioned very close to and directly in front of an uncovered window. A cold draft will cause sudden leaf drop. Keep temps above 60 degrees at all times and away from drafts.

Everyone has their own subjective definition of watering “sparingly” so I have no idea how you are watering. Your Marginata should be watered thoroughly as soon as the top half-inch of soil feels quite dry. Either under or over watering can cause leaf drop.