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Repotting Anthurium

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I have a very overgrown Anthurium in an 8″ pot.  I want to separate this into 6 or 8 pots.  As you can see there are aerial roots now.  Can I just cut sections off and lower these roots into a good potting soil/bark mixture?  Thank you so much.  This is a thriving, gorgeous plant that always produces and seems to love it’s southeastern light.


Congratulation on your obvious success with your Anthurium. It is overgrown, but the solution is pruning not division. Separating plants that have been grown together with roots intertwined is seriously risky and not something I recommend unless there is a compelling reason to do so. Disturbing the roots of plants is traumatic to the plant and if not done just right will cause serious damage.

If you prune back the individual stems, you will be able to root each of the cuttings in their own separate pots. For the “mother” plant, new growth will emerge on the cut stems just below the pruning cuts. The plant may look a bit naked after the pruning, but the new growth that emerges will soon produce a shorter, more compact plant. Meanwhile you will have new plants that you have propagated in separate pots.

When you prune, cut each stem about 1-2 inches below the lowest leaves on that stem. The lower 1-2 inches will have some aerial roots that can be inserted into the smallest pot that the cutting will fit into. The lowest leaves should rest on or slightly above the rim of the pot. Use a potting mix similar to what your existing Anthurium is potted in.