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Will Creed was exactly what I needed to solve my plant crisis! I wrote and submitted a question about a plant that was rapidly dying, and asked for a quick reply without really expecting to hear back for 1-2 weeks. Mr. Creed e-mailed me a detailed and extremely helpful answer WITHIN 24 HOURS! You don’t even get that kind of help from a phone call to some company’s customer service line anymore (and those people get paid!) There are several reasons I was delighted by this response: 1)It was detailed and well thought-out; 2)it addressed and answered all of my concerns exactly; and 3)it was extremely polite despite the fact that my mistake may have been a foolish one. Mr. Creed identified my problem, helped me to understand the cause, and provided me with a solution. Thank you so much! ~Diana

When I first submitted my question to you, I had not viewed your credentials; I merely assumed that you were a friendly, anonymous voice from a local florist chain. When I received your answer, I was amazed. I express my delight in the detail and the knowledge put forth in your reply. Now, I am both humbled and amazed! I had no idea that I was contacting an independent, TRUE expert in the field; in fact, I feel rather foolish for having wasted your certainly valuable time with such a silly question about one little Pachira from Target. ~Rachel

I write this only to further emphasize the depth of my gratitude and respect for your help; although I am an anonymous fool who mistreated an innocent houseplant, you responded as though I were as important as one of the large companies who seek your expert consultation. This sort of selfless gesture is so rare, these days that I felt it necessary to acknowledge it. ~Diana

Mr. Creed – Thanks for taking the time to prepare such a complete and insightful answer to my question! — You identified an area of concern that I must address but hadn’t even thought of (sensitivity of plant to low temps in aircraft luggage area). I was actually hoping to get you as an advisor, as the previous write-ups I’ve seen done by you are consistently outstanding. Almost so good that I wondered if they were for real or not — Now I know, and couldn’t be more pleased with your advice — Thanks again!!   ~Greg

I have never used this site before and I am a convert! My question was answered quickly, thoroughly, and clearly. Before finding this site, I had looked through many indoor plant websites but didn’t find the specific information I was seeking. This site will save me a lot of time and frustration. I have other questions lined up for Mr. Creed and in other subjects for other experts. Thank you much! ~Karen

He was very thorough in his answer. He gave much thought to his answer. He also sent me articles on other plants I have. This information is much appreciated. He gave me more information then I received from any of the personnel at the garden centers. ~Darrell

Will, Thanks for sharing your impressive knowledge in such a thorough and profession manner — you do volunteer work as though you were being paid for it. It’s easy to see you’re a professional writer — you’re very good. And you’re a credit to volunteers. Thanks again, ~John

Will answered my question in less than 2 hours. I was impressed by his knowledge and willingness to help me solve my problem with my plant. ~Debbie

I am truly impressed with the professional service I have received. Not having pruned a large houseplant before has been somewhat stressful. I am thankful to Will Creed for easing my mind in that I can do so without harm done. I have not used this site before. I will definitely share my wonderful experiences; with many as I work in a company, with over 3000 employees. – Laurie

Will Creed answered in very precise and expertly clear detail. He knows his material regarding the questions posed. I thank him for his help as well as giving his reasons for his answers, e.g. why the plant is better off pot bound rather than in an overly large container.  ~ Larry

Very quick and detailed response with very helpful advice. Must be difficult advising remotely when you can’t see the plant so thanks for all the details!~ Sarah

Will’s response was so right to the point Perfect! I just want you to know how pleased I am. Sincerely, ~Sheryl

He was the only person on the whole World Wide Web that answered my question correctly and gave details. He gave me everything I needed to know. Without giving me the run around.  – Matt

His answer was what I needed to hear. I have called so many nurseries & nobody has even heard of a Rozelea. So thank you SO, So much! ~Kathy

Will’s answer was straight to the point. He was unsure about what part of the plant I was referring, so he answered the question so that I would get the answer I was looking for. His help was much appreciated. Thanks a bunch! ~Chantal

As you say, not good news but a firm answer, which is what I really needed. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know, I think what you do is invaluable. ~Kerry

Wow, I got the answer to my question so fast! Will Creed answered every one of my questions and added even more knowledgeable information that was clear and helpful to hear. I decided to stick with my plant, take his advice and put my new green thumb to work. Thank You! ~Joseph

Thank you Will for the timely response.  What a great service!  Your answer was very clear and you provided the exact information that I needed.  ~Velma

I would like to thank you so much for the expertise advice I received.  Not only was the answer to my question addressed with precision it was educational, informative, and instructive.  I will highly recommend anyone to use your web site when seeking answers to questions they may have.  Again, thank you so much. ~Jeanene

Thank you so much! I have been scouring every book and website I could find to figure out what it was. 🙂 ~Becca

I will send a donation to your site tomorrow (when I get paid) – I am so grateful for your help!! I hate to see such a neat older tree just go to waste and I have no familiarity with these at all. You have been a wonderful resource in this project. ~Hillary

To someone like me, and there are many, who care about their plants, are having a problem, have looked at books, asked around, and searched the Internet, to find a hand that is outreached and willing to share expertise, believe me, it is priceless.  I thank you! ~Beryl

I just wanted to thank you.  The information that you gave kept my little plant from dying. ~Sara

I would like to thank you for your help a few years back with my Ficus tree. It has been in great condition now with the help you supplied. It is healthy, green , and in need of a clipping this spring. ~John

Thank you for your advice. I will water it less frequently. The climate here is rather hot and dry, so I guess that’s why I’m more inclined to over water them. I enjoyed browsing your site. I found it very informative! Also your donations to schools impacted by 9/11 is to be commended. Once again, thank you for your response. ~Hadassah

Thank you very much for your courtesy and professionalism.  For a pro like you in New York City to reach out to Albuquerque on a Sunday afternoon with my plant problem is heart-warming. You are a public  treasure! ~Carroll

I am a huge plant enthusiast; I have cared for a vast number and variety of plants over the past twenty years, and own many guides for plant use and care; I however, could not locate in any a description of Castanospermum (Lucky Bean Plant); I was, therefore, most pleased to find your expertise online. An aspect you use in which to accurately gauge the plant’s need for water, such as: “allow the soil to dry to the touch…” is a tool that I find to be more precise, rather than the more-vague, “water moderately at all times…”, which can lead to personal interpretation, and inaccuracy. Your information has led me to purchase a plant that I was otherwise hesitant to consider adding to my collection, for lack of care instructions. Thank you for your help. ~Donna

EXCELLENT WEBSITE!!!!!!   Will knows his stuff!!!!  Highly recommended to any non-green thumbs…..even to the green ones…..cause you don’t know all Will knows!!! ~Janice

I read most every link on your website and now I know why most directions and advice from retailers like Wal-Mart don’t work.  I do plan on getting another one when they arrive in this area again and I have a bright place to put it.  I also wanted to donate $10 for the bulletins.  Thanks so much for your help!   ~Lorie

Will Creed was the only person who was able to help me. I’ve tried for a long time to learn what my plant is and how to care for it. He was the only person who gave me proper information after I sent him a picture of the plant. Bravo for Will! He’s the very best!! ~Janine

You are absolutely the best. I have tried in vain for quite a while to get information on this pretty plant, and you are the only one who has been able to help me! ~Madelyn

Thank you very, very much. The information is clear and I will definitely make a contribution in the near future for I have searched for the last 4 months for someone knowledgeable to advise me on this with reluctant responses or no reply at all. I thank you. ~Lisa

I feel very fortunate to have found Will as a resource for plant info! Will is far better than any plant book I could buy, hoping to understand it. The title “expert” couldn’t be applied to a more worthy person. Thank you again for all your help Will! ~Jeanette

The answer was surprising, but understandable. I’ve learned something new. Thanks. ~Linda

I know absolutely nothing about plants; Will was very knowledgeable it was like he knew the answer before I could even finish typing. ~Amy

I can’t believe how fast I got a response. It is amazing to me that for free I can ask a question and get such a fast and detailed response. Thanks! ~Sarah

Several months ago I sent you a question about some Janet Craig plants that I had gotten a little leggy.  You let me know that I could cut the trunks and root the new sections.  I wanted to follow up to let you know the plants are doing GREAT!  Each plant has since grown new leaves and the trunks have all re-rooted and have produced 4 new pots of Janet Craig plants in our house. ~Jordan

I am so glad I asked Will for advice. I would do it again in a heart beat. It probably kept me from actually killing my plant. Would recommend this site to anyone with plants. Thanks, Jackie

Thanks a lot for advice. I’m doing better with plant and feel more comfortable with it because of you. Thanks, Shelli

Wow, I am thoroughly impressed to receive Will’s comprehensive answer so promptly! And for free! Thank you, Will for providing a great service. ~Sue

P.S. Check out Will’s blog for more terrific houseplant advice.

Thanks Will! You are the only person that has responded to me out of three
sites I’ve tried. ~Greg

Thanks for the information. I could not find soil conditions and pH needs on any other site. I will try your suggestions and see if it can be turned around. ~Nancy


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