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String of pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)

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I bought a string of pearls plant last week i watered it a little and put it up high in my kitchen to trail down away from direct sunlight. My doesn’t get direct light but has two big windows which look onto a shady area. Today i noticed it looked quite shriveled and not a lush so i felt it and it was dry so i gave it one cupful of water. I called the florist where it was purchased and he said it could be over watered but wasn’t sure and said call back tomorrow. I’m a bit lost after reading an Answer: that was given you gave to someone who had similar situation but her scenario was very different. I thought the best thing would be to water it as it was dry and i haven’t had it long enough for it to have been overwatered. What do you think. How often should they be watered for the future.


Your Senecio rowleyanus should not be showing signs of deterioration after only a week in your possession. Few plants react to improper light or watering in a week’s time. That suggests to me that it may not have been properly cared for by the florist and the symptoms are just now showing.

If the florist kept it too moist for a month or more, then the roots may have rotted and that is usually fatal. If the florist allowed it to get to dry, it should revive after you watered it. I think this is an issue that you need to address with the florist because it is their responsibility to sell you a healthy plant.

In general, this plant needs lots of light, including a few hours of direct sun each day and very bright indirect the rest of the day. Locations at or near the tops of windows do not provide enough light because the light comes in at a downward angle.

It should never be repotted and if the florist repotted it, then that is most likely the cause of the deterioration. Over-potting causes root rot for the fragile roots of this succulent. The porous soil needs to dry out deep into the pot in between thorough waterings. I cannot predict how long that will be, just make sure it dries out sufficiently. When properly potted that usually takes about a week.