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Owner, Will Creed

Over 35 years ago, long before the internet, I was eager to learn more about the care of my houseplants. Reliable sources of information about indoor plants were scant. After working for many years as a professional indoor landscaper, caring for indoor plants in every kind of indoor environment, I have a wealth of knowledge on the care of indoor plants.

After starting Horticultural Help in 1989, I realized there was a need for someone to manage the plant care needs of small business and individual plant owners. As the owner and sole employee of my indoor plant care business, I can provide the personal, experienced and affordable service that small business and residential plant owners cannot find elsewhere. As a hands-on plant care expert who performs all services myself, Horticultural Help maintains the highest quality, most experienced, reliable  and personal indoor plant service standards while keeping costs low and affordable for small businesses and individuals.

Personal service is my first priority!

Every day I spend at least an hour answering individual plant questions via internet, email and phone. I do this gratis because I remember how I struggled 35 years ago. It also enhances my knowledge bank, making me a leading expert on indoor plant care in all environments.

I have solved the individual plant problems for  hundreds of houseplant owners in NYC and worldwide.

No matter what your indoor plant problem, I can help you solve it.

No matter what your indoor plant problem, I can help you. Here is what I offer:

Services Provided by Horticultural Help

If you need assistance with any or all of your indoor plants, in your home or your office. I can help you. If you are located in Manhattan, I will go onsite to assist when necessary. This is a unique service not available elsewhere. If you are outside of Manhattan, I am available for free email and phone consultations.

  • Home and office plant consultations in Manhattan (link)
  • Complete plant maintenance program for small businesses in Manhattan (link)
  • “Plant Doctor” house-calls for Manhattan residents (link)
  • Assistance in selecting and purchasing appropriate indoor plants
  • Diagnosis and treatment of plant disease and pests
  • Repotting, pruning and fertilizing when appropriate
  • Free expert indoor plant care advice by email and phone
  • Practical solutions to all indoor plant problems

Phone, text or email me to find out how I can help you with your indoor plant concerns. You will be pleasantly surprised by these unique indoor plant services.



Phone or Text  917.887.8601, 9AM – 9PM, 7 days

Email wcreed@HorticulturalHelp.com




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