Alkaline Soil

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Hello. I just did a soil pH test for my plants and I realized that some of the old soil I’ve been using is way too acidic. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to safely make the soil more alkaline to a neutral pH for my plants? I have looked u[ ways to change the soil pH and all that is coming up is adding lime. Do you know of any other ways (maybe with household products) that could make soil more alkaline? Thanks


What pH reading are you getting that concerns you? Most indoor plants do best in moderately acidic soil. Are your plants exhibiting any specific symptoms that can be attributed to nutrient deficiency? Never fix something unless you are sure it is truly broken!

Assuming that your soil needs to be more alkaline, then horticultural lime is the standard treatment that all professionals use. It is safe, available and not expensive, so I am not sure why you are seeking a home remedy alternative. You could try baking powder, but you would have to experiment over time to find the right proportions because there is no hard information on using home remedies. It can take a month or more for soil pH to change enough to make a difference.