Angelwing Begonia and Coffee

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I have a great quantity of house plants and they seem to be doing well, however I am having a problem with my Angel Leaf Begonia, it will not Bloom and is about 4ft. and is still growing taller. What is wrong with it?? It gets high light for about 10 hrs. since I live in Alaska. The other Question: is do plants like being watered with coffee(not grinds), and how often if at all.

Thanks and looking forward to your response!!


Angelwing Begonias are pretty reliable bloomers if they get a lot of direct sunlight and are kept very potbound. Alaska has very short winter days, so it is possible yours is not getting enough year-round. Make sure you keep yours directly in front of and very close to a south-facing window.

Most folks make the mistake of regular repotting. Unfortunately, that causes the plant to put its energy into filling the pot with roots at the expense of flowers. Never repot unless the plant gets dry within a couple of days following a thorough watering.

Four feet is very tall for a Begonia. I think yours will benefit from a sharp pruning back to half that height. The plant will develop a more compact look if kept pruned.

Pouring coffee on potted plants is folk wisdom that is not a good idea. The coffee will gradually acidify the soil and eventually prevent nutrients from being absorbed by the roots.