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Birds Nest Fern

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I have had a birds nest fern for many years that has limped along, until I added more soil around the base, and let the soil get nearly dry between watering.

The fern now looks amazingly healthy, with several long leaves, and new growth all the time. ┬áToday I was wondering if I should repot it, since it has grown so much, but I’m apprehensive of doing that, since I’ve read so me posts of plants deteriorating after repotting.

I don’t know if you have read many of my posters here, but I am a firm advocate opposing unnecessary repotting. In fact, later this month I have a book due to be published titled, “Don’t Repot That Plant!”

Most Ferns, including yours, have relatively small root systems. As long as there is sufficient soil in the pot to stay moist around the roots for at least 3 days following a thorough watering, then there is no reason to repot.