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Hi I wanted to start growing a plant in the style of bonsai, I am completely new to this and wanted to know if it is realistic to start this way or just start with something easier. Any information you can recommend such as book or specific plants to use that would be best would be greatly appreciated it thanks! Can you also send me a copy of the pdf I believe you sent to someone else, thanks!


I do not recommend attempting Bonsai unless you have had considerable experience and success with the care of regularly potted indoor plants. It is essential to understand the growth habit of the particular species selected for Bonsai. You also have to know how to prune, not only stems and branches, but also roots. Bonsai is a very slow process and it takes years of patience to successfully grow a Bonsai.

You can purchase already well-established Bonsai plants. They are expensive because years of work have already gone into them. However, they are easier because they simply need to be maintained rather than grown from scratch.

In selecting a Bonsai, it is important to use a species that is tropical in origin because you will be keeping yours indoors. Commonly used Bonsai, such as Juniper, Cypress and Pine will not hold up indoors in winter but will not survive outdoors in northern climates. Better indoor options include Ponytail Palm, Jade, Ficus and Desert Rose.