Braided Money Tree

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My money tree is growing great but some of the leaves are starting to turn brown on the ends .  is it possible i have a fungus or something and what can I do,  I don’t want to lose my tree


Brown leaf tips on a Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) has several possible causes, but fungus or any other disease or pest problem in not among them.

If the tipping is limited to a few older (lower) leaf tips, then that is quite normal. If it is more extensive than that, then it may be that the soil has gotten too dry or the water level has dropped too low. Even a single incident of too little water will cause brown tips.

If your water is on the hard side, then use filtered or distilled water. If you have been fertilizing, stop.

Too little or too much sun can also cause leaf tip browning. Avoid more than an hour or two each day of the sun’s rays falling directly on the leaves. On the other hand, keep you plant no more than about 4-5 feet from a sunny window.

Trim off the brown tips, as they will not recover.