I Can’t Identify this Plant (Sago Palm)

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I would like to know the species so that I find out how to best care for it. It is on a desk in front of  west facing window that is cool in winter and warm in summer. I liberally water it once every 2 weeks. It is starting to yellow a bit so perhaps it needs some fertilizer.  couple times it started sending up fern like sprouts out the top which I cut off. Then last year I let them grow and now they are similar to the original leaves. I am attaching a picture, thank you.


Your plant is commonly called Sago Palm, although it is not technically a Palm. It’s botanical name is Cycas revoluta. Plants in this family are among the oldest existing species going back to the dinosaur days.

You seem to be having good success with it so your care is good. Obviously, cutting off the new fronds before they had a chance to fully open was not a good idea.

This plant is a slow grower and typically sends out a new tier of fronds no more than once or twice per year. Because it grows so slowly, fertilizer is not necessary. Slight yellowing may be caused by not allowing the soil to dry out quite enough. Fertilizer will not effect that.