Chinese Evergreen

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Is it detrimental to repot the Chinese evergreen? my wife purchased on and is contemplating repotting it. They came in a single bucket but have a couple small plastic pots which contain the root systems. She wants to know if these small pots can be removed.


As a general rule, it is best to leave root systems undisturbed whenever possible. That means not repotting unless absolutely necessary. Potted plants variably do better when they are kept quite potbound.

From your description, I assume the individual Aglaonema cuttings were rooted in very small plastic mesh baskets and then transferred and placed together in  larger pot. If so, there is no reason to remove the mesh baskets. They are not causing harm in any way. So it is best that you leave your Chinese Evergreen as it is and avoid the many hazards that accompany unnecessary and improper repotting.

Keep your Chinese Evergreen in bright, but indirect light. Protect it from temps below 60 degrees F. Water whenever the top quarter of the soil feels dry. This is a pretty easy plant to care for as long as it is not exposed to direct sun falling on its leaves and it is not over watered. In time, the stems may become tall and leggy. The stems can be pruned back to a height of a few inches above the soil and new growth will sprout at that point. The top cuttings root readily in plain water.