Christmas Cactus and Repotting

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I have a Christmas Cactus I would guess is at least 15 years old I think it is older than that. Part of it was my great grandmothers, then my grandmother had it when she passed, then it was my mother’s when she passed now it is mine. I have had it at least 12 years and have not changed the pot or dirt afraid to kill the plant. It still gets flowers and is green and growing like crazy it is 3 times the size since I first got it. Do I need to repot or put new dirt in it or just let it stay the way it is? The dirt is very hard that is in it but it does keep growing and getting flowers two times a year at Christmas and again in feb. Thank you for any help you give me if I do need to change it I will be bringing it to a flower shop to get it done lol don’t want to kill it good with flowers and all but this one not going to even try it I want it to stay alive it means a lot to me it is old and was my great grandmothers and my grandmothers then my mothers now mine so a family plant handed down.


I have good news for you. The reason your holiday cactus has done so well is because you have NOT repotted it!

There is this common myth that plants need to be repotted or have their soil replenished periodically. That simply is not true, especially with older flowering plants like yours. If you repot, you will disrupt the blooming cycle and there is a very good chance you will inadvertently damage the roots and also inadvertently keep the roots too moist, which leads to root rot.

If you bring it to a flower shop, they will probably repot it, charge you for the repotting and you will ultimately lose the plant. Florists know how to sell plants but they usually are not so good about caring for them.