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I bought a beautiful tiny 2 inch pot of cyclamen in full bloom at the NY Botanical Garden last week.  A few roots are peeking out the drainage hole in the bottom.  Today I notice a few yellow leaves.  Because the pot is tiny, it’s very difficult to regulate watering. Any suggestions.  Also, how will I know when to repot?


Two inches is a very tiny pot for a blooming sized Cyclamen, so I am guessing that you have a miniature hybrid Cyclamen. That means it will never get as big as the ones you usually see.

It is never a good idea to repot a plant that is in bloom. The good thing about a plant that is quite potbound is that it is almost impossible to over-water. However, given the small size of the pot, you may need to water quite frequently to keep the soil and roots appropriately moist. As long as it doesn’t wilt, it is probably getting enough water. If in doubt, go ahead and water.

After it has finished blooming you can consider repotting, but only if it requires water every 2 to 3 days. If it can go longer than that, then leave it in its existing pot.

When you repot, move it up one size only – preferably to a 3-inch pot, if you can find one. Otherwise, a 4-inch pot will do. Make sure the new pot has drain holes. Use a standard potting mix. Do not put drainage material in the bottom of the new pot.

Once it is in a 4-inch pot, it will probably never need to be repotted again. In fact, it is unlikely to flower again until it fills the larger pot with roots once again.