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Damaged Spider Plant Leaves

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I have a spider plant that was too close to the window shade and when I opened it, it was damaging the leaves.  now that I moved it I notices the damage. some broken leaves, some broken off, some missing, just not looking good on that side of the plant. I was thinking maybe I should cut off all the leaves so the plants starts over (is this a bad idea?) or should I try something else?


You could trim off all the leaves and start the plant anew, but that is an extreme remedy and not necessarily the best one because I assume you still have at least half the plant that is undamaged and looks good.

Individual damaged leaves will not recover, so it is best to trim them back or completely off, whichever looks better. Keep that side of the plant facing the primary light source so it has the best opportunity to grow back in. In the interim, the undamaged side of the plant should continue to grow. Eventually, the new growth on the damaged side will catch up with the undamaged side and the plant will look symmetric. However, this will take some time.

If you post a photo here or email one to my address below, I may be able to provide more specific recommendations.