Dead Ficus Leaves

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Should dead Ficus leaves be cleared from the soil?


In general, it is best to remove dead leaves from the soil of any potted plant or tree. Outdoors, leaves will break down into soil over time due to exposure to weather, bacteria and insects. But that doesn’t happen indoors so there is no reason to keep the dead leaves around. In fact, dead leaves occasionally will attract insect pests or provide a place for them to hide and breed.

So go ahead and remove all dead leaves and dispose of them. It will make the plant look neater. If you don’t like the appearance of the soil, you can cover it lightly with Spanish moss as a top dressing.

As I am sure you know, Ficus trees drop lots of leaves (more when they don’t get enough light, are relocated or not watered properly). Each time you water, grab the trunk and give it a vigorous shake. Any loose leaves that are likely to fall in the next several days will come down. I find it easier to pick up a bunch of leaves all at once rather than  a few every day.