Dracaena Janet Craig Revival

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I am trying to rejuvenate my colleague’s plant. It took a beating when our building was closed for two week. The plant is sentimental to him! I cut the top stalks, watered, gave a little fertilizer…and I need advice. Very little life left. I put tops in a glass jar with fertilized water in a window..no roots yet, after 2 weeks. Help please!


A photo and/or more detail would be helpful here. I don’t know how poor the condition of the plant is or what adverse conditions it suffered.

The top cuttings should have no more than a half dozen leaves each and a bare stem below the leaves about 4-6 inches in length. The cuttings can be rooted in plain water, but usually root more readily at the base of the original plant or in a small pot filled with a soil-less potting mix. Although some new roots may emerge in about a month, it may take several months for substantial roots to develop. Be patient.

If the roots of the original plant are still healthy, then some new growth should emerge just below the pruning cuts within about a month.

Janet Craigs do best in very bright indirect light, but protected from direct sun light. They also do well under overhead office fluorescent lights if the lights are kept on for 8 hours, 5 days per week.

Fertilizer is intended for healthy plants that are growing vigorously. It is not medicine to be used for ailing plants.