Dragon Plant (Dracaena Marginata)

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Why does my dragon plant look like this?? I mean I repotted it because I thought my friend was going to take it and she never did..then the leaves eventually started falling off and continue to fall off. what should I do? can I rep grow a new one out of it?


For starters, the pot is much too large for this small Dracaena marginata. With all that extra soil that retains water for too long, root rot is the almost inevitable consequence. Gently remove the plant from the pot and gently remove any soil that is not in direct contact with the roots. Do NOT remove all of the soil. Put the reduced rootball into the smallest pot that is just large enough to hold the roots and enough soil to cover the roots lightly.

Be aware that Marginata roots are very fragile and they often do not survive root rot or repotting.

Light is also a possible problem, although you didn’t indicate how much light your plant receives. Marginatas should be right in front of a sunny window that is uncovered throughout the daylight hours.