Dying Ming Tree Bonsai

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I have a young Ming Tree Bonsai, has lost all foliage, believe that the plant got too much water (forgot it one day and there was a heavy rain). I just repotted and used copper fungicide in a small amount. Is there any chance on this plant coming back?


You haven’t given me much specific information here, so it is hard for me to give you a definitive Answer:. Mings lose foliage due to sudden changes in light and temperature, as well as improper watering – both under and over watering.

Ming aralias don’t generally do well outside, especially if exposed to any direct sunlight or temps below 55 or 60 degrees. I am not clear if your plant has been outside all along or you just recently moved it outside.

Likewise, I don’t know how you have been watering. However, a single episode of heavy watering is not enough to cause root rot. Only many weeks of constantly wet soil will cause root rot. However, a single episode of severe drought could cause the roots to die.

In any case, repotting and copper fungicide are NOT the Answer:s. In fact, both (especially the repotting) are likely to aggravate the problem.

Whether of not your Ming will survive depends on the degree of damage done to the roots and your ability to prevent further damage. But the latter requires an understanding of what caused the root damage in the first place.

If you provide additional information, I may be able to help you further.