Dying Yucca Plant

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I have a Yucca plant and it was very green growing and healthily, now that the weather is changing it’s dying I have a lot of yellow leafs and they hard and dry it’s an in house plant what can I do help me and my plant, please.


A photo that shows the entire plant, including its pot, would make it much better for me to make a proper diagnosis.

If your Yucca is a house plant, then it will not be affected by the weather unless you move it outside in summer, which I don’t recommend.

The yellowing of leaves is a generic symptom with possible causes that include change in light and improper watering. You have not provided enough information for me to be able to tell you which it is.

In general, Yuccas used as house plants should be kept right in front of a completely uncovered sunny window. The top quarter of the soil, should be allowed to dry in between thorough waterings.