Elephant Ear Plant

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I have a large Elephant ear plant that I’m keeping indoors in a fairly large pot. I’m thinking of going larger, but one of the stems has drooped down to the point it has bent. I’m wondering how I prune it or should I be using sticks to keep it upright if need be, now that the stem is damaged do I just slice it off ? And hope for the other mature stems they don’t suffer the same ?


There are several entirely different plants that are commonly called “elephant ear.” It is hard for me to advise you without knowing just what you have. A photo posted here or emailed to my address below would be helpful.

In general, stems that have been creased are permanently damaged and unlikely to recover so it is best to cut the entire leaf stem off at the base, leaving as little stub as possible.

Stems that droop and bend are often growing in less than optimal light. Good light is required for newly emerging stems to grow sturdy and strong.

Unnecessary repotting is the most common of all plant care mistakes. Repotting will not help with your drooping stems and may actually aggravate the problem.

I hope you will provide more detail on the identity of your plant so I can better help you with its care.