Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle-leafed Fig) Care

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I always wanted a Ficus lyrata and finally, I bought one a week ago. Two days later, new leaves at the top started growing and then two days later they fell off. I believe that the plant is not getting enough light in my apartment. During the day, i put the plant by the window,(see pic1) because my apt is not very bright in the morning and the light starts coming in around 1pm for few hours (pic2). And in the evening, i move it close but not too close to a lamp to get additional light ( I notice the leaves rising) and move it back to the window in the morning. The plant is starting to loose some its leaves at the bottom, probably it is adapting to its new environment, I hope. I haven’t noticed any bugs. My Question:s are: 1) is it a good idea to move the plant every day. 2) how often should I water it, is once a week fine during the winter? 3) when should I start using fertilizer? 4) is the plant dying?


In the photos your Ficus lyrata looks healthy. However, I am concerned that you said new leaf growth died and fell off. I do expect a few older leaves to die as new growth is added on top. Loss of new leaves is usually a result of root damage, root rot or extreme dryness. However, that would not occur within the week that you have had it. If indeed, new growth is dying back, then  you should return the plant for a refund because that could only be a result of poor care prior to your purchase.

The light on your windowsill is fine for this plant. There is no reason to move it because artificial light will not help.

Water your plant as soon as the top inch of soil feels dry. That may occur a little more frequently in the winter when the dry air causes the moisture in the soil to evaporate more rapidly.

Fertilizer is vastly overrated and should only be used on plants that are healthy and growing vigorously. You should wait until next spring at the earliest and dilute the fertilizer to half strength.

If your plant’s new growth continues to decline, then it is unlikely to recover and you should return it promptly for a refund. If healthy new growth emerges, then your plant will definitely be okay.