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I have had this Ficus for over ten years in same place. About month ago it started shedding leaves everyday there are handfuls. It is looking very sad. Should I try and re-pot it it is about eight ft tall and in a large pot. The leaves have pale white on them but it isn’t any kind of insect or bug Please help


I need more specifics to be able to help you properly. Ficus trees are notorious for dropping lots of leaves, but for different reasons, including inadequate light, very high temperatures, failure to prune and improper watering. I would need more information to be able to determine which is the cause in this case.

A slight whitish film on Ficus leaves is caused by oxidation and it not a problem. However, if the white stuff looks like tiny bits of white cotton, then you have a mealybug infestation. If so, let me know and I will tell you how to treat them.