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I have a Ficus. Lately I have observed that it has shed all its leaves. The branches also look dry. I have been taking good care of it but I don’t understand why it shed all its leaves. Is it alive or dead and how can I regain its health please advise.


Ficus trees are not easy. First and foremost, they must be right in front of a completely uncovered sunny window in order to thrive. They can survive in somewhat less light, but the less light the tree receives, the fewer leaves it can support.

Ficus trees are very temperamental about being moved. Each time their location is changed they will drop lots of leaves and then slowly produce new ones that are adapted to the new location. So it is important to find a sunny indoor location to keep your tree and leave it there so it can adjust and stop shedding leaves.

Improper watering, especially under-watering, will also cause sudden leaf drop. When properly potted, it is best to water a Ficus tree as soon as the surface of the soil feels dry.

Failing to prune back your Ficus tree for several years will also lead to leaf drop as the tree reaches the maximum number of leaves it can support. At that point, it will shed older leaves so it can continue to produce new leaves at the ends of the branches. Failure to prune will result in very long branches with most of the foliage on the outside of the tree and none in the center.

Any stems or branches that are dry and brittle and snap when bent are dead and should be pruned off entirely.

Finally, I will note that repotting, changing or adding soil, fertilizing and misting will have no effect on the leaf drop. Focus on good light and proper watering.