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Hanging Jade House Plant

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In October I purchased 2 beautiful hanging jade plants. I placed each in a window to receive the sun. Being new to Chicago I didn’t know the sun only comes out here twice a week. One plant is doing fine but the other has a white foamy substance on it and the branches are dropping all on the floor. In the last week alone it has shrunk to half it’s size. When purchased I was told to water it every 2 weeks until winter (winter began 12-21-14). How can I save this plant? I really love it and don’t want it to die.


A photo posted here or emailed to my address below would be very helpful.

“White foamy substance” is probably a mealybug infestation, but I cannot be sure without a photo. Treat mealybugs by mixing a solution of 5 parts water, 1 part isopropyl alcohol and a squirt of liquid soap. Then, spray the entire plant until all leaf and stem surfaces are dripping wet. Thoroughness of coverage is critical to success.

Jades do require lots of sunlight. The watering instructions you received are inappropriate. Assuming your Jades are potted properly, then they should be watered only when the top quarter of the soil is very dry. This is true all year round and is not seasonal.