Help me Fix My Money Tree

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My plant had these spots that started small are getting bigger. I do keep it outside but the sunlight in never directly on it. Please help if you can.


Potted Money Trees are fairly fragile plants and do not hold up well outdoors. Every local climate is different, so I cannot offer specifics about yours. However, outside elements include temperature fluctuations, rain, direct sun, fog, wind, animals and insect pests all of which can cause physical damage to plants.

In your case, I suspect either cold and or some occasional exposure to brief periods of direct sun. The spots on the foliage is physical in  nature. They are not caused by pests or diseases so no treatment is required. The leaf spots will always remain, however, unless you trim off those leaves. Likewise the peeling bark on the stems is not a cause for concern.

I do observe that your Money Tree is in a fairly large pot with heavy soil, so be careful to not over water it.