Indoor/outdoor Yucca Plant

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I bought this Yucca plant last summer. Left it outside until cool weather.  I notice lately the spiked leaves are dying and turning yellow on one side. But I also have new growth. I live in a four season region.  Also, I have a lemon tree that I lost all leaves. Is that normal until warm weather I can put it out?


Most plants struggle to adapt to being moved outside in warm weather and back inside in cold weather. The primary reason is the dramatic change in light. Outdoor light is many times more intense than indoor sunlight. New leaves adapt themselves to the available light when they emerge. If that light subsequently changes, then those lease leaves struggle to adapt.

Plants that are kept in appropriate light indoors year round do best. If you do move your plants outside, try to minimize the difference in light by keeping them in front of a sunny window when indoors and in shade when outdoors. Even so, expect to see some leaf discoloration with each change. Significant pruning just prior to moving the plants each season will also help minimize the leaf loss.