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Is my Jasmine Dying?

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I used to water my potted jasmine once in 3 days. It bloomed beautifully 2 weeks back with lovely white flowers. Last week we went to a holiday for 6 days. The plant was kept away from direct sunlight. I live in Philadelphia so the weather is cold.

To my shock when I came back the flowers had died. The leaves are still nicely green.

Is my jasmine dying? If yes, what can I do to revive it?


Jasmine are not ever-blooming like African Violets, for example. Typically, Jasmine put out buds once or twice a year. Most of the buds open about the same time and each flower lasts for a week or less before dying back.

As long as the foliage is still firm and green and healthy looking, then your Jasmine is fine and needs no reviving. Continue to care for it as you have in the past. Resist the urge to repot it and lower your expectations for flowering frequency and longevity.