Is this a Chinese Evergreen?

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I think I have a Chinese evergreen but not sure. Help.

Yes, that is an Aglaonema commutatum, more commonly called Chinese evergreen.

I’m afraid you have it in a pot that is too large and that puts it at risk for the soil staying moist for too long and causing the roots to rot. I suggest that you very carefully unpot your plant so as to disturb the roots as little as possible. Much of the excess soil will fall away. Put the remaining roots and just enough soil to cover them into a pot just barely large enough to hold them. In this case, smaller is better. Make sure the new pot has a drain hole.

Once you have it properly potted, then water it only when the top half inch of soil feels dry.

Chinese evergreens do best in very bright, but mostly indirect sunlight. Very close to a completely uncovered north or east facing window is best.

Proper watering and light is all you need to be concerned about with this otherwise low maintenance plant. It will not need fertilizer, misting or repotting. It is also pretty pest resistant.