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I have read most of the Answer:s of all Question:s asked. My ivy was getting big and had beautiful green leaves, but for about 2 months now it has gone limp. Leaves turning some yellow others black. I also put it outside thinking it needed more light, but seems like its lost all its energy. Also how many times should I water it. I live out here in the El Paso, TX area and it gets hot but I keep it in a cool place.


When an Ivy goes limp and does not perk up soon after watering, then it means the roots have mostly died and the plant can no longer absorb water even though the soil is wet. I cannot say for sure what caused the roots to die, but unnecessary repotting and keeping the soil constantly moist are the most common reasons.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dead roots. Cut off all vines that have permanently wilted leaves. If there are still some healthy roots, healthy new growth may slowly emerge. However it is important that you monitor the soil moisture carefully and water only when the top inch is dry.

Keep your ivy inside on a north or east facing window sill or outside in shade only.