Jade Plant

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Will planting a jade in a pot with NO hole in the bottom for the exiting of water cause a potential problem? Could this be one reason that there is mold on the surface soil?


That is a good Question:. Many folks have heard that it is best to use pots that have drain holes, but they do not understand why.

As you seem to understand, the purpose of the drain hole is to allow excess water to escape from the pot. Otherwise, that water accumulates in the bottom of the pot and out of site. The soil wicks up that excess water and eventually causes the rots to rot. By the time the plant shows symptoms of root rot, it is usually too late. In theory, if you knew exactly the right quantity of water to add with each watering, then this would not be a problem. But most of us don’t know. Having a drain hole solves the problem of water accumulating in the bottom of the pot.

Mold needs a constantly damp soil surface to stay alive. Jade Plants, on the other hand, need to top quarter of the soil to become bone dry in order to prevent root rot. Thus, the presence of mold is a clear indication that the soil is not drying out properly. That may be because water has accumulated in the bottom of the pot or because you are watering too often.

I hope this clears up your confusion about pot drain holes.