Jade Plant Mealybugs

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I have a jade plant with those cottony webs all over in the junctures between leaves and branches.  The plant is otherwise healthy and growing, yet I have seen where growth is hindered by the webs.  I have read threads concerning this problem and have tried a dish soap/water mixture with a little success.  My issue is that the plant is huge compared to pics I have seen and the white nests are all over.  I took a nest and put it under the microscope to see little bugs moving etc.  Is there a more aggressive way to rid my “Roderick” of such trouble?


Your Jade Plant has a serious mealybug infestation. The information you found is incomplete.

Mix a solution of 5 parts water, 1 part isopropyl alcohol and a squirt of liquid dish soap. Then you have to thoroughly spray ALL leaf and stem surfaces until they are entirely dripping wet with the solution. If you fail to make direct contact with even a few of the mealybugs, they will survive, reproduce and re-infest your Jade.