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I’ve had my jade for a month now, but it’s been dropping leaves and steadily wilting. Its remaining leaves are rather droopy and thin now. I’m not sure what’s the problem. There’s no spots or anything on the leaves, nothing odd growing in the pot, and it’s put in a sunny spot by a window that gets indirect sun all day. What can I do to nurse it back to health?


Leaf drop and wilting are indicators that there is a problem with the roots. If you are waiting too long to water, then that will cause these symptoms. On the other hand, if you are watering too frequently, then the roots will rot and no longer be able to absorb water for the rest of the plant. Finally, repotting often damages fragile Jade roots and that will cause these symptoms.

You have not provided information about repotting or your watering routine, so I cannot say what the cause is in this case.

In general, Jade Plants almost never need repotting and the roots should remain undisturbed. Pot drainage holes are an important requirement.

Assuming your Jade is potted properly, then it is best to water thoroughly only when the top quarter of the soil feels very dry.

A sunny windowsill should get several hours of direct sunlight every day. It is important that your Jade is on the sill and not off to the side and that the window is completely uncovered (no, sheers, blinds, curtains) throughout the daylight hours.

Proper pot size, watering and light will all help get your plant back to health, but it will take time and patience. There are no quick cures, such as plant food.