What kind of plant is this? (Yucca)

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My mom gave me this plant but wasn’t exactly sure what it is. I’m slowly killing it, but I don’t know why. She says it needs little water and not much sun. Help!


Your plant is a Yucca elephantipes. Your mom is partially correct. It does prefer to stay dry, but it does better very close to a sunny window that is completely uncovered throughout the daylight hours.

I recommend watering it only when the top inch of soil, feels very dry. Do not repot it and fertilize very sparingly or not at all.

The stems are leggy because the plant adds new growth at the tops of each stem while losing lower leaves when not getting enough light. I suggest that you cut the tallest stem back to about 3 inches above the soil. New growth will slowly emerge on that stem just below where you make the cut. The top cutting can be rooted in water or discarded. This process can be repeated again with the other stems at any time.