Mini Jade Plant

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Is there any way, other than snipping of tips, to stimulate growth on the lanky stems of my mini jade plant to fill in leafless areas? I was wondering if it is even possible. Can a small cut be made at the desired node?

The new-growth hormones of Jades, as well as most other plants, concentrates at the growing tip or end on each stem. Constant pinching out of new growth at the tips will sometimes help force the growth hormones lower down on the stem, usually where there is already another node or incipient stem. The key word there is “constant.”

Another approach is to simply prune any stem back to the location on the stem where you would like to see the new growth come in. Of course, that shortens the stem, which may or may not be desired.

The approach you suggested is another alternative that works somewhat unpredictably. You can cut a small notch just above a node, but be careful not to make it too deep or the stem will break. If the notch heals over without stimulating new growth, it may be that the notch was not deep enough. You may have to experiment a bit to get it right.