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New Monstera Plant

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QUESTION:: I’ve just purchased a Monstera plant and was looking to move it into a Terra Cotta pot of the same size, 9″, mostly because the soil seems to be very heavily packed into the plastic pot that I bought it in. After finding your site and all your Q & A, I’m reconsidering moving out of plastic planter as I don’t want to upset it. Should I leave it alone for now and leave it in the plastic? If I should repot, can you recommend if I just keep the same soil or use different soil? Thank you!


I’m glad you contacted me BEFORE you went ahead with the repotting.

Like most potted plants, your Monstera prefers to remain quite tightly potted. When kept moderately potbound, it will grow faster and you will reduce the risk of over watering and root rot.

I suggest that you place a good sized saucer under the plastic nursery pot or insert the plastic nursery pot inside a larger decorative planter. When you water, it is important to water thoroughly so that a small amount of water trickles through the drain holes into the saucer or outer planter.

When a plant is potbound, it is pretty hard to over water. In general, it is best to allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering thoroughly as described above. Plants that are moved into larger pots tend to retain water much longer and are much easier to inadvertently over water. That is why I don’t recommend repotting prematurely.

I usually recommend repotting only when it is necessary to water the plant thoroughly more than twice per week. At that time, it is best to move it into a pot one size larger using soil that matches the existing soil as closely as possible.