Pachira Aquatica Potting Mix

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I just repotted my money tree in only peat moss and perlite.  Peat moss to perlite ratio is about 4 to 1. Would this mix be fine without potting soil?


Soil-less potting mixes are the preferred potting medium now. The 4 parts peat and 1 part perlite make a good all-purpose potting mix for indoor potted plants, including your Money Tree. The only thing that mix lacks is an abundance of nutrients so it is best to apply a liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength once per month.

Follow-up Question:

Can I use Osmocote pellets instead for the fertilizer? If so how many pellets should u use . The plant is in a 12 in plastic container,  and the trunk is about 12-in diameter. The plant is about 2 feet tall.


Osmocote is a timed or slow release fertilizer that comes in many different formulations. I am not which you have. However, if you use half the amount recommended on the label and mix it in throughout your potting mix, it should be fine.