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My Pachira was beautiful, growing and developing new leaves frequently. Now, suddenly, it is dropping leaves and looks droopy. I have not changed anything about it since I bought it two years ago. It still is in the same small square pot. I water it twice a week with about a half cup of water and I feed it miracle grow in one of those feedings. I do not wish to lose this plant and was wondering what you think is wrong with it.



It is hard to diagnose without seeing a photo of your Pachira. The most common reasons for leaf drop are under watering, inadequate light and failure to prune.

Pachiras do not tolerate dryness, so make sure the soil stays moist or that the water level stays high if it is planted in plain water.

Your plant should be within a few feet of a moderately sunny window that is uncovered throughout the day.

Pachiras can support only a limited number of leaves. As they add new leaves on top, they will drop older leaves. Hence, as they get older, they become quite leggy unless the stems are pruned back regularly. Any stem that is pruned back will produce new growth just below the pruning cut on that stem.

Fertilizer has very limited benefits and can cause harm if over done. I suggest that you fertilize no more than once per month at half strength and only when the plant is healthy and growing vigorously. If the plant is in a sealed pot or planter, then do not fertilize at all.