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Peace Lily Care

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Will, I have a peace lily I have had for several years. I have transplanted it one. I have noticed the edge of the leaves are turning brown. What might I being doing wrong to cause this? Or is there something I should be doing? I generally water when I notice the leaves wilting and it perk back up, but I don’t know what to do for the brown leaves. Any suggestions?


It is hard to avoid a limited amount of leaf edge and tip browning on Peace Lilies. It is best to use sharp scissors to trim off the discolored edges and tips while maintaining the original contour of each leaf so it does not look like it has been trimmed.

Leaf edge browning is often exacerbated by allowing the soil to get too dry in between waterings. It is best to water Peace Lilies just before they start to wilt.

Using hard water and over-fertilizing will also cause leaf browning. If your tap water is hard, use filtered or distilled instead. Fertilize no more than once per month at half-strength.