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I use liquid fertilizer. I use Seachem flourish and Kent marine pro plant also I put In 3% hydrogen peroxide (half teaspoon) and mix it in 1 gallon of water then water the plants. I was wandering if these provided all the essential nutrients and vitamins? Thanks for your time


Seachem Flourish and Kent Marine are formulated for use with aquarium plants. I do not recommend either for non-aquarium plants. Hydrogen peroxide is another household product that appeals to people, but has no proven benefits for plants.

Indoor plants use nutrients in very minute quantities and I have yet to solve a plant problem by adding nutrients. Fertilizing is greatly misunderstood and the benefits are over sold by the manufacturers. If your plants are not doing well, I can assure you that plant food will not solve the problem. I wish it were that easy, but it is not. Focus on light and water for your plants, not fertilizer and humidity.

If you feel obligated to use plant food, use the cheapest commercial product available and dilute it one-quarter of the recommended dose. At that dilution, it will not do any harm, even if it provides few if any benefits.