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Ponytail Palm

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My vessel that I got my plant in, broke. I need to know, what type of soil do I need.  The plant, I just love it, and it is doing fine.  I just don’t want to take any chances.


You want to make as few changes as possible. If the rootball is still intact, then find another pot that is the same size as the original so that adding new soil will not be necessary.

If some of the soil spilled out, still use the same sized pot and add just enough soil to replace what was lost. Do not remove any other soil from the rootball. The potting mix should be half peat moss and half perlite blended together.

If you have already proceeded to remove or rinse away most or all of the original soil, then you have undoubtedly damaged most of the tiny root hairs that do most of the work. In that case, your Ponytail may not recover.