Ponytail Palm

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I have a plant that had a single stem that I cut off several decades ago, it grew back as 3 stems & they are all at or near ceiling height.  Can I cut back or off the tallest stem?  I have heard that isn’t always possible in older plants.


Your Ponytail Palm is gorgeous and looks great on that high stand. Visually, however, it does need to be lower relative to the ceiling.

It is true that older plants and stems do not produce new growth as readily as newer plants and stems. However, there is no definitive way to determine what that age or point is. I would suggest that you cut back the tallest stem, but not all the way back to the bulb. Then, wait ans see what happens before moving on to cut other stems.

I don’t know if it is an option, but your Ponytail is so healthy that it would be great if you could shorten the stand and lower the plant to give it more growing room. Just a suggestion.