Rotten Trunk Pachira Aquatica

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I have a Pachira aquatica that I believe in general feels pretty well. It grows in height, the leaves are green and springy there are even new sprouts in the top. Although, recently I have noticed that one of the 4 trunks have become rotten (entire trunk). I normally water it once a week and the pot has drainage holes in bottom.

What´s wrong with it? Should I try to remove the rotten trunk, or can I just leave it? Or will that affect the rest of the plant negatively.


Having one or two of the braided stems die is a common problem with Pachiras. As long as you are providing proper light and water, there is nothing you can do to prevent this from occurring.

The cause is not a disease and it is unlikely to spread to other healthy stems. You can cut away the dead stem to make it look better, but leaving it or removing it will have no effect on the rest of the plant.

Pachiras benefit from occasional pruning of taller stems. This will prevent legginess.