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I received this Rozalea plant 1 month ago in the hospital. It came in a bucket with an insert inside with drainage holes. When I took out the insert there was about an inch of water sitting in the bucket. Now the leaves and flowers are brittle and falling off the plant like the entire plant is dead. Please tell me how I can save this beautiful plant.


If your Azalea has been sitting in water  for the better part of a month, then there is a good chance the roots have rotted and the plant will not recover. At best, many roots were damaged and recovery will be very slow and it is unlikely to ever look as good as it did originally. This is a fragile plant that does not tolerate improper light and watering very well.

Shake off and remove all dry leaves and flowers. Move it to a sunny windowsill. Make sure that all excess water has been removed from the bottom of the pot. Water it only when the top half inch of soil feels dry. Be very patient and look for signs of healthy new growth emerging from the tips of stems. If you do not see any new shoots within the next month or so, you can assume the plant is not going to recover.