Sago Palm

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Purchased a few months ago and is growing, growing, growing. I notice the tips of a few of the older fronds are almost white in color, otherwise appears healthy. Is this a concern? What causes it?


The white tips are not really a cause for concern. The usual cause is an episode of drought when the soil got unusually dry.

Your Sago Palm is otherwise healthy, so I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are not watering often enough or deep enough into the pot. Sagos can withstand drought quite well, especially in winter. However, they do need water once the top third of the soil feels very dry.

Be aware that Sagos have growth spurts during which they typically put out a new tier or circle of fronds all at once and then may not put out any new growth again for a year. That lack of growth disturbs many folks, but that is just the nature of this very ancient plant species. It is its way of surviving in very harsh environments.

Provide lots of good light and don’t try to do too much such as fertilizing and repotting. In winter, allow the soil to dry even deeper in the pot.